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Monthly metrics delivered with clarity.


“The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.”

Arthur C. Nielsen

Get Clarity without Technical Overwhelm

Making sense of the ever-changing digital marketing space is often overwhelming . NetProphets have designed a system which brings light to the darkness. Our Digital Listening Service gathers data from various sources, simplifies it and supports your team to make sense of your online universe.

real-time data, whenever you need it

analytics reports you can understand

regular consultations to strategise

Digital Listening Tools


get Keyword opportunites

Improve on current success and find new opportunities with easy to understand keyword analysis

move forward with certainty

Simple reports and expert strategy consultations monitor your progress

track and automate Social Listening

Track your data and automate your social messaging


find out more about your visitors

With on-page surveys and heat mapping


A/B Split Testing turns Hypothesis into Fact

get the inside word on Competitors

Gain an unfair advantage with competitor analysis

Refine Ad Spend

Get the data you need for your best Pay Per Click strategies.

Focus Your Team

Hard data gets everyone on the same page.

The most powerful refrain in online business is, “We can test that.”


Find the best keywords to make the most impact.


Be sure you’re answering audience questions.


Test your ideas. Track your improvement.


Build trust & develop community.

Choose the Digital Listening Program which suits you best


$762per month
  • Monthly Report + Consultation
  • Customer Research Tools
  • Conversion Optimisation Tools
  • Heat Mapping + On-Page Surveys
  • Improve CRO + simple customer discovery


$1,036per month
  • Monthly Report + Consultation
  • Customer Research Tools
    + Social Media metrics
  • Conversion Optimisation Tools
  • Heat Mapping + On-Page Surveys
  • Customer Discovery + Honing Your Offer


$1,361per month
  • Fortnightly Report + Consultation
  • Customer Research Tools
    + Social Media metrics
  • Conversion Optimisation Tools
    + PPC management
  • Advance heat mapping + on-page surveys and real time interaction options
  • Build Traffic to your offer


$2,756per month
  • Weekly Report + Consultation
  • Customer Research Tools + Social Media metrics + Competitor Analysis
  • Conversion Optimisation Tools
    + PPC management
  • Advance heat mapping + on-page surveys and real time interaction options
  • Deeper Customer Research + CRO

Frequently Asked Questions

Which program do I choose for keywords?

All Digital Listening Programs include keyword suggestions. If you’re business is new, it may be best to start with only a few keywords with low difficulty. As you progress through the programs, further competitive analysis and conversion optimisation is possible.

What is Social Listening?

We use Social Sprout, a social media management tool. It helps you communicate with customers on social channels, collaborate across teams and measure the effectiveness of your efforts. It also alerts you of mentions of your brand and finds opportunities to build connections with powerful allies. We make such Authority building recommendations in your regular reports.

You can interact with Social Sprout yourself or contract NetProphets to run campaigns for you. NetProphets will train your team to use Social Sprout and you can keep using it when not subscribed to a Digital Listening Program.

Does this include a Pay Per Click Ads budget?

NetProphets will manage ad strategy, development, metrics and reporting. Costs of PPC ads vary depending on your goal and aren’t included in this budget.

Is there a commitment?

Digital Listening is offered on a month by month basis. While there is no time commitment to the programs, we do suggest a minumum of 3 months to gather the most pertinent data.

How much work is this for my team?

NetProphets analyses metrics and makes recommendations in our regular consultations: Monthly, fortnightly or weekly according to which program you choose. It’s best if your team is present at consultation meetings.

NetProphets is motivated to improve your teams skill base so we can focus on identifying opportunities and optimising your offering. Extra training is available for your team to skill up on all aspects of digital marketing.

How do I know the recommendations are working?

We are very motivated to measure every move you make. The internet is always changing so we need to make sure we’re always in best practise. Monthly reports will help you track your ROI.

“Really really good job all round, love the wedding landing page and what you have achieved with our google ranking. Please keep on pushing and implementing, you are driving and doing so well. I thank you for making all this happen, as we are starting to see the results….”

Tristan Grier

Harvest Newrybar

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